Payment will be taken around 48 hours in advance of your appointment from the credit or debit card you provided us upon registering, unless an alternative prior arrangement has been made in writing.  If this is the case we also accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or paypal.  Payments should be received within a maximum of 30 days from the session date as beyond this time we reserve the right to instruct an outside agency to collect outstanding fees on our behalf or to refer the debt to the County Court.  Please be aware that we will share your details with relevant agencies for the purposes of collecting outstanding payments due to us.   You should be aware that you may be charged additional costs to your original fees.  For example (but not limited to), legal fees, court fees or debt collection agency fees.


In order to ensure swift and fair access to our services for all of our clients, we ask for at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel or rearrange an appointment with us.  Within 48 hours of the appointment the full fee for the appointment will still be charged.  This also applies to non-attended appointments.

Please be aware that if you are accessing treatment via a health insurance policy that many policies state that if appointments are non-attended, cancelled or rearranged within our 48 hour window that you, as the client, will be liable for the full fee rather than the insurer, which means a full invoice for the session will be sent to you for payment.


Our general Therapy Terms above apply to treatment provided in our Online Clinic as well as our Physical Clinic locations. In addition, the following terms also apply to your Therapy if you are having sessions in our Online Clinic.

Device Requirements

Our Online Clinic requires you to have a good quality internet connection and certain device and software requirements.

Please read our FAQs (available at www.dynamicyou.org/online) for more information on minimum internet connection speeds that we recommend for the best connection, as well as hardware and software requirements.

Because of a number of factors involved in secure Online video connections, Dynamic You Limited cannot guarantee a connection can be made or maintained with you at any time. If a video connection cannot be established, your Therapist will call you by phone to advise you of any simple ideas which may help improve your connection to us. If these do not work then you will be offered to continue the session by phone. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds of session fees if the session cannot take place because of a poor connection.

Internet Security

Our Online Clinic is a secure Therapy platform. Therefore we may deny or refuse any user access to the Platform; suspend, change or update the Platform; prevent certain Practitioners from using the Platform; and/or otherwise alter the Platform from time to time, without notice.

Information Handling

We take your personal information very seriously and always comply with relevant UK data protection legislation.

This means that any written information will be treated in the same way as if you were visiting our physical clinic locations. We do not routinely record Online Therapy appointments, however, at times we may record sessions in the interests of clinical supervision and to make sure that we are always giving you the best possible service. These will be securely held using relevant digital information security standards for no longer than 14 days before being erased.

The majority of our Therapy Team are UK-based clinicians, however, some of our team may be located outside of the European Economic area. If your Therapist is located outside the EEA they will make you aware of this at the start of your first treatment session. If you do not consent to your personal information being accessed outside of the EEA please make your Therapist aware at the start of the appointment and they will end the appointment immediately and arrange for an alternative appointment to be offered to you with a UK-based Therapist in our team.


Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.  We are registered with the Information Comission and fully abide by all legal requirements of handling your health records.  Folowing all appointments your Therapist will make an appropriate record of the appointment, and we will be happy to supply a copy of these to you on request.

All personal information will be held in the highest confidence within our service.

We will ask for your permission to keep your GP or other health professionals informed on your treatment progress.  This ensures you receive the very best care.  However if you would rather that we do not routinely contact your GP please inform us.

The only times in which we would be required to share information with an appropriate third party would be in situations where we believe there is a high risk of harm to yourself or others, or in which serious crimes are disclosed.  Where appropriate we will always discuss making a disclosure to a third party with you, however in some cases (such as where any risks may increase by doing so) this may not always be possible.


Our website is intended for information only. We have taken great care in the writing the information presented but we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy.  We accept no responsibility for any decisions made and accept no liability for any loss or damage based on the information found on this website or in any electronic materials we have provided.

All information we hold electronically is copyrighted.  Whilst we are happy for you to use this information we request that you cite its original location and us as the author and do not imply connection or affiliation, and request that permission is sought in advance.


We are proud to offer an extremely high level of service and quality treatment.  If we do not meet your expectations we would invite you to raise this with your Therapist in the first instance.  If this is not possible we invite you to contact our Clinical Director.

As all of our Therapists are self employed we would like to remind you that Dynamic You provide Therapists with materials, administrative and clinical services to undertake clinical work.  Each Therapist holds their own Professional Indemnity Insurance and maintains registration with their professional body therefore if the above steps do not resolve your complaint, contact can be made with the relevant clinical professional body.


Dynamic You Limited is a company registered in England & Wales – Registration number: 08791584

Our Registered Company Address is: Dynamic You Limited, c/o Wheeler & Co Accountants, The Shrubbery, 14 Church Street,  Whitchurch Hampshire, RG28 7AB

Our Correspondence Address is:  Dynamic You Limited, 50 Broadway, London, SW1H 0RG

Our Contact Phone Number is: 0800 0614548

Our Email Address is: appointments@dynamicyou.org